How to Obtain NC AIG Certification

Candidates have a few different options on how to obtain their AIG Licensure upon successful completion of the Graduate Certificate in AIG.

Option 1: Your district can file for the licensure update on your behalf once you’ve completed the program.

Option 2: You could also contact the TEAL-R office here in the Cato College of Education because they can pull a copy of your transcript without you having to pay a separate transcript request fee. Note that you will still have to pay the licensure fee to NC DPI if you file through TEAL-R. If your district is willing to pay this, you may be better off filing through them instead.

To apply for your license, go to the following link:

NC Professional Educator’s Licensure Forms:

Contact Information and Helpful Links for Additional Information:

Licensure Fees:

Link to order your UNCC transcript:

TEAL-R Office at UNC at Charlotte:

phone: 704-687-8725

Licensure Officer at UNC at Charlotte:

Brad Smith


            COED 119



You can file as soon as you’ve completed the certificate, which would be after commencement.

If you have any questions about obtaining your AIG license, please contact either Brad Smith or Dr. Matthews.