Financial Aid

The Special Education Ph.D. Program has received a "Preparation of Leadership Personnel" grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.  As a result, funds are available for full-time students. This federal funding requires a commitment to work in the field of special education upon graduation.   In addition, Graduate Assistantships are available through research grants.  All students who have assistantships are eligible for tuition assistance equivalent to in-state tuition rates.  For part-time students, stipends are available to reimburse students for tuition and to defray the costs of progressing through the program. Financial awards available through the Special Education Program are competitive and based on merit.  To be considered for financial support, applicants should submit a letter asking to be considered for support as either a fulltime or part-time student.  If seeking fulltime funding, the Graduate Assistantship Application should also be submitted.  Other sources of funding may be pursued through the Financial Aid Office.

Click here to find Graduate Assistantship Application on Graduate School Web Page.