Office Staff

Office Staff
Name Job Title Office Phone Email
Office Manager COED 348B 704-687-8830
Administrative Support Associate COED 348 704-687-8828
Administrative Support Associate COED 348 704-687-8831

Department Faculty

Department Faculty
Name Job Title Office Phone Email
Associate Professor & Dual Major Undergraduate Program Director COED 332 704-687-8832
Assistant Professor COED 359D 704-687-6162
Professor COED 345 704-687-8836
Associate Professor COED 359A 704-687-8837
Assistant Professor COED 360D 704-687-8833
Assistant Professor & Academically or Intellectually Gifted Graduate Concentration Coordinator COED 340 704-687-8848
Associate Professor, SPED Adapted Curriculum Graduate Certification Program Director, & SPED General Curriculum Graduate Certification Program Director COED 342 704-687-8844
Associate Professor COED 337 704-687-8835
Professor & SPED Graduate Program Director and ASD Graduate Certificate Director COED 359C 704-687-8716
Professor, Academically or Intellectually Gifted M.Ed. Program Director, & Academically or Intellectually Gifted Graduate Certificate Program Director COED 347 704-687-8623
Associate Professor COED 359B 704-687-8179
Assistant Professor COED 335 704-687-8840
Senior Lecturer COED 341 704-687-7405
Associate Professor & SPED Undergraduate Program Director COED 359B 704-687-8855
Associate Professor, Lake and Edward J. Snyder, Jr., Distinguished Scholar in Special Education COED 346 704-687-8850
Clinical Assistant Professor COED 360F 704-687-8829
Associate Professor & CHFD Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Mental Health – Graduate Concentration Coordinator COED 338 704-687-8850
Professor COED 356 704-687-8851
Professor COED 359E 704-687-8853
Clinical Associate Professor COED 344 704-687-8488
Assistant Professor COED 339 704-687-8841
Department Chair, Professor & SPCD Doctoral Program Director COED 348 704-687-8395

Grant Support Staff

Grant Support Staff
Name Job Title Office Phone Email
Coordinator, Adapted Curriculum Licensure Plus Project COED 361 704-687-0889
Project Coordinator, NTACT CHHS 336C 704-687-8735
Office Manager, NTACT CHHS 336 704-687-8606
Research Associate, TIES COED 306 704-687-8449

Faculty Emeritus

Faculty Emeritus
Name Job Title Office Phone Email
Professor Emerita
Faculty Emerita
Associate Professor Emerita
Professor Emerita
Professor Emerita COED 343
Associate Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus